Tracy: vocals/keyboard
Renee: vocals/guitar
Dave: guitar
Renee is the Rocker in the group. Belting out powerful rock
classics from Led Zepplin, and Joan Jett, to Melissa
Etheridge and ACDC. Being in a band is her passion and
playing music is what she enjoys most. Whether playing
solo or with a group, Renee gives her all to her music and
the audience can feel it.
Band Information
Music is her love, it is in her blood. While staying close to
her family’s country roots, and influence, throughout the
better part of her childhood, she began branching out in
young adulthood, joining an all-girl band in high school,
unleashing her unique brand of rock-edged, soulful
adolescent vocals on the local talent show, party and
special even circuit, before graduating up to the next level,
her sophomore effort, Neon Rodeo, an eclectic hybrid blend
of country, blues and rock through the early to mid 90’s.
Whether she is crooning the old standards with her trio
“Shades of Blue”, or rocking it out on stage with No Limitz,
she is happiest on a stage and interacting with people…
Spreading the “gospel according to Tracy” to the “happily-
converted masses”, via rollicking bar and club
performances as well as putting her own special twist on
corporate parties and events.
With years of experience playing both rhythm and lead guitar
in local bars and clubs around the Metro Atlanta area.
Accomplished Songwriter, recording both solo and in
collaboration. David has played with bands opening for
various artist .The Byrd’s, Blackfoot, Southern All Stars
Band. Playing in venues ranging from Ohio State Balloon
Festival, The Veterans Memorial Civic Center, to The Fred
About the band
Danny: bass
Geoff: drums
Having years of Bass playing experience in “Christian rock”,
Danny has played with and opened for several Grammy
award winning Christian artist such as, Jars of Clay,
Casting Crowns, Russ Lee, and Bebo Norman. He’s played
in venues ranging from the Orlando Convention Center, to
the Savannah Civic Center, to Hotels, to small clubs in the
Metro Atlanta area.
Geoff is a native resident of Georgia, having grown up in
Tyrone Ga and finally settling in McDonough for the past 15
years.  He has over 25 years playing experience on the
drums with his first gig taking place in his mid-teens.  
Inspired by early heavy metal and classic rock bands, his
tastes have grown to include blues and some country, along
with select pop and jazz-fusion too.  He has played venues
in multiple states, including Florida, Tennessee and North
Carolina, including the Masquerade, Atlanta Motor
Speedway and 120 Tavern.  People have said in the past
that a clock can be set to Geoff’s drum timing.